She revisits Burn and Flipside, both on last year’s release, with inventive improvisation. Accompanied by a languid instrumental trio and two soulful female backing singers, she’s in her element on the new recordings. Now it trails ABC and CBS   Verdict: Jones goes back to jazz  Rating:   Jazz singer Gregory Porter admits he wouldn’t be making music today if it hadn’t been for Nat King Cole. Launching the album this week, the duo joked about returning this time next year with a third instalment called Not Again. And, while the lush strings have an elegant poise, it would also have been interesting to hear him attempt some tunes with the more nimble, jazz trio accompaniment preferred by Cole in his younger years. ‘Nat’s music filled a void in me when I was five or six years old,’ says Porter. A new, Nat-inspired arrangement of Porter’s own When Love Was King is so fully realised it sounds like a swing-era standard. Jazz singer Gregory Porter (pictured) admits he wouldn’t be making music today if it hadn’t been for Nat King Cole. In its simplicity, affordable tickets bring communities together on sticky summer nights and that’s a rarity today. Click on your state for a full list of drive-ins near you: Alabama (9)Fired. Ball and Boe are also bolder in their song choices this time. Norah Jones went back to her piano-playing roots with last year’s Day Breaks, a record inspired by the 75th anniversary of the jazz label Blue Note — home to both Jones and Porter.

Rating: The Philadelphia Inquirer and 1978 to today for the Philadelphia Daily News Easily download and save what you find. Gregory Porter starts a UK tour on April 5 at the Birmingham Symphony Hall sex dating in gregory south dakota. Porter wasn’t born until seven years after Cole’s death in 1965, but the crooner’s legacy left a lasting impression on him. However, many of these beloved outdoor screens are in constant peril of closing, reopening, and closing again. Whether you go to the Starlite, Sky Vue Twin, or the pun-tastic Field of Scenes, the drive-in will give you a few hours of uncomplicated, buffering-free entertainment, so why not sex dating in gregory south dakota. She also goes back to Come Away With Me, her ‘moody little record’ from 2002, to revamp Don’t Know Why and I’ve Got To See You Again with superb piano work. This summer, many theaters will be showcasing a live stream Jimmy Buffet concert, which in 2014 doesn’t seem to fit, but does the drive-in belong in the age of iPads and 3-D printing. Big tunes from The Lion King and Beauty And The Beast are only to be expected on a blockbuster such as this, but there are genuine surprises, too. Polished by the classical crossover producer Nick Patrick, but still packing an emotional punch, Together Again has a power and precision that’s hard to fault. The pair cover Hero, an obscure 2012 single by Californian indie-rockers Family Of The Year and they sound as if they are having a real hoot on a brassy Bring Me Sunshine. The duo host an hour-long special on ITV at 9pm on Sunday. Click on your state for a full list of drive-ins near you: Alabama (9).

Because the drive-in’s quaint nature is no more than it advertises. Ball & Boe start a UK tour at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, on November 30 (livenation. ‘My father wasn’t in my life, and Nat’s words provided the life lessons and fatherly advice that I needed..
. Given the roll they’re on, this could well become a seasonal fixture. The drive-in is about as American as it gets. And, given Porter’s lack of a meaningful relationship with his father, there’s a real poignancy to the piano-jazz number I Wonder Who My Daddy Is. Rejuvenated by this return to her early influences, she has now expanded the album, adding nine numbers recorded live at the Loreto Theater, New York. The biggest event to happen to the drive-in industry, switching to digital, is advertised on dated websites with glittery backdrops that remind you of an early America Online profile. Having topped last year’s Christmas chart with Together, theatre giant Ball and tenor Boe are now back with a second helping. We love our cars and going to the movies is the standard fallback plan every weekend. ..


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